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Kevin Hernandez (Insted)

June 26, 2022 Stan Mueller, Chris Tjernagel, and Rob Imlay Episode 13
The Punk Rock Chronicles Podcast
Kevin Hernandez (Insted)
Show Notes

“Bound together strong and true. Sometimes it takes more than two. Take pride in being a part. Hand in hand, it's just a start. Help out in a time of need. Reach out and hear their plea. Step by step is the way it's done. One plus one is how it's won. Unite!”  During this episode we talk to Kevin Hernandez the lead singer of the Orange County straight edge band Insted.  He firsts talks about how he got into punk rock and his early experiences playing backyard parties prior to the start of Insted.  We dive into his experiences writing music, touring and recording albums with his band.    Kevin discusses some of the bigger shows that Insted played which ultimately landed them a record deal with Epitaph Records.  Soon after, he talks about why the band ultimately ended by playing their final show July of 1991 at Spanky’s Cafe in Riverside.  Sit tight and enjoy our conversation with one of the best positive core bands to come out of Orange County.  


Music for this episode are as follows: 

Straight and Alert by Uniform Choice 

United by Insted 

What Price Will You Pay? by Propagandhi


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