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Blind Marky (Zeke)

May 27, 2022 Blind Marky of Zeke Episode 10
The Punk Rock Chronicles Podcast
Blind Marky (Zeke)
Show Notes

Have you ever been “Kicked in the Teeth?”  Fortunately, I have not! On this episode we interview Blind Marky (singer/guitarist) for the hardcore punk band Zeke.  The show starts with banter from the usual suspects, Stan, Chris and Rob (Bob the Bastard). Also, joining us for the first time as a guest co-host is Eric Blair from the “Blaring Out with Eric Blair Show.”  There is a bit of a discussion from the PRC team as they learn about Eric and his vast experience interviewing punks and celebrities.  Next, Blind Marky from the band Zeke calls in. If you like hardcore punk, hard rock and blues mixed in a blender with a gallon of bourbon, you are going to love this band.  He talks about the history of Zeke, musical influences and crazy tour stories throughout their career.  Finally, he discusses what the band is up to now, new recordings and scheduled tours.  Watch out!!! Zeke just might be coming to your town!!! 

Music on this show 
 Resurrection by Halford 

Dölphenwülf by Zeke 

On and Off Master by Blowin' Chunks

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