The Punk Rock Chronicles Podcast

Ricky Menace (Taxi TV)

April 22, 2022 Stan Mueller, Chris Tjernagel, and Rob Imlay Episode 8
The Punk Rock Chronicles Podcast
Ricky Menace (Taxi TV)
Show Notes

Don’t be a menace to society unless you are Ricky Menace! On today’s episode the PRC team talk about releasing the documentary title “Where the County Line Ends – The Evolution of Orange County Punk”. We received an outpour of positive comments and encouraging feedback from our social media followers.   Next, Ricky Menace of Taxi TV joins the show and meets the PRC crew for the first time in person.  Ricky does a deep dive into what the Orange County music scene means to him, how he started Taxi TV and the reason why he’s putting on the BUZZBASH show on April 30, 2022 at the Tiki Bar in Costa Mesa.  Mr. Menace also talks about his time as a professional driver and gives us some interesting stories of picking up customers in the wee hours of the morning.  All in all, it was another robust discussion that music fans will be sure to enjoy.


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Featured Music:  

 School Yard Tragedy by FOA (Fluorescent Orange America) b 

 Red Rum by The Spooky 

Just Here for the Violence  by Gross Polluter